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New Year - New Horizons!

Updated: Jan 14, 2019

Happy New Year! What does 2019 have in store for you? For me it's the start of something new and exciting, something challenging, something life changing - the opportunity to embrace what I know, follow my instincts, start a new Reiki practice, enrich my life and be happy. With 6 hours left of 2018 I began to add a new and rather wonderfully inspiring chapter to my Reiki story. I raised my energy and began sharing the gift of Reiki healing with a small group of new friends who I had met during a 10 day skiing holiday. I could not have anticipated how profound an affect this would have on me (and them), how word of my gift would spread and the opportunity to share that gift would snowball - that I would open the minds of others to the power of Reiki healing. The universe sent me a life affirming sign, that I am ready to take my next step, that it's not bravery but trust - trust in my own abilities and my gift for healing. Trust in the power of touch and the power of healing energy. Trust in the "universal energy" that intrinsically links us all - trust in the power that is "Rei-ki".

New Year - New Horizons - Breathe Life In

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