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My Reiki Journey

Updated: Jan 10, 2019

Have you ever had one of those sliding door moments when you wondered what might have been? We all of us have had moments in our lives when we feel that we shouldn't remain rooted to the spot however taking that step in to the unknown has filled us with trepidation - was it too risky or could it be that we either were or weren't listening to our gut - our intuition?

I am blessed, I was introduced to Reiki by chance. One morning ten years ago at preschool pick up I introduced myself to another mum who had recently moved to our village. In my haste to get through my daily chores I had been running back home when I turned my ankle. My ankle swelled up like a balloon and all I could think of was "how on earth am I going to achieve everything on my to do list"? That's when the other mum, my Reiki teacher, mentor, and now one of my closest and dearest friends stepped in and in one of those sliding door moments, introduced me to this amazing therapy. She showed me how working with Ki or Chi (energy) can promote both healing and well being and that the universe has a plan for us all. At that moment I would not have believed how that introduction would change my life. I will be forever grateful that I chose to walk through that door and onto the amazing path that I have found myself on.

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